WIXQ staff may be contacted by email or by telephone for inquiries concerning one's position held. Please refer to the following table for each staff's respective e-mail address or telephone number.
Position Name of position-holder E-mail address Telephone number, if applicable
Community Liaison Anttonen, Ralph "Doc Roc"
Metal Director Helker, Luke metaldirector@wixq.com
Computer Administrator Burgener, Brandon computeradministrator@wixq.com
Co-Music DirectorWest, Paula assistantdirector@wixq.com
Music DirectorCerino, Cory wixq917.musicdirector@gmail.com 717.872.3333
Production AssistantMcLaughlin, Cody productionassistant@wixq.com
Promotions Director Smith, George promotionsdirector@wixq.com
News Coordinator Silverwood, Curtis newscoordinator@wixq.com
Program Director Rodden, Aaron programdirector@wixq.com 717.871.2317
Station Manager Geisinger, Nick stationmanager@wixq.com 717.872.3520
Webmaster Tomanio, Phil webmaster917@wixq.com 717.668.7880
Business Manager Uematsu, Tyler businessmanager@wixq.com
Secretary McFadden, Amanda secretary917@wixq.com
Operations Manager Walker, Alea operationsmanager@wixq.com
Chief Announcer Witzel, Matt chiefannouncer@wixq.com
Faculty Advisor Woodall, Lowery Lowery.Woodall@millersville.edu